Bubbly playlist: 10 songs for the holidays from artist we love

You may love them or hate them, but everyone has a Christmas song they know by heart and these artists from different genre sure know it, let’s see 10 videos (with no particular order):

  • Miley Cyrus & Bill Murray - Let it snow (A very Murray Christmas) }

It’s a Bill Murray special and George Clooney makes an appearance. Do I need to add more? Don’t think so, just watch it.

  • Jimmy Fallon, One Direction & The Roots - Santa Claus is coming to town

Everyone joins in the holiday spirit when it looks this fun to sing Christmas songs.

  • Pentatonix - Little Drummer Boy

Aca-awesome, that’s all I got to say for this one.

  • Bob Dylan - Must Be Santa

Yes, you read right. Mr. Bob Dylan itself make his own song for December, it’s so rare that is like the unicorn of this list.

  • Destiny’s Child - 8 days of Christmas

Before there was a Queen B, Destiny’s Child was rocking this Xmas song with outfits and choreography.

  • Elvis Presley, Martina McBride- Blue Christmas

The king itself presents his favorite song for the holiday and it sure brings all the feels of the season.

  • Bing Crosby - White Christmas

It doesn’t get more classic and christmas-y that this song. Enjoy it!

  • Frank Sinatra with Bing Crosby- Jingle Bells 

You put Crosby and Sinatra together and you got yourself a holiday special.

  • Idina Menzel & Michael Bublé - Baby it’s cold outside

classic song, two amazing singers and a lovely video... the recipe for a dapper Christmas.

  • Mariah Carey - All I want for Christmas is you

From it’s nineties release to the cover on Love Actually, this song still rocks on this season. So turn it up and do your lip-sync.


  • If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then get in the celebration mood with The Chanukah song-Adam Sandler

And finally if New Year's is more your thing then go with this lovely pair: Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt - What are you doing New Years Eve?