New Year! The same winter accessories (Includes Big Bubble Bags)

Even if we don’t live in a really cold place, we all love the winter time just because the looks. X-mas time is gone but the fashion winter is still here and these are our favorites accessories. Yas!

ankle socks.png


ANKLE SOCKS: some people think this is by far the less glamorous accessory but is a must to keep yourself warm and actually it doesn't look so bad. Choose one that look good and that work for your footwear.










TURBAN STYLE KNITTED HATS: for us, bubbly girls, are completely lovely, something unique and exotic. Pure stylish!










WEATSHIRTS: find the right one to layer up that outfit and make you look good! We choose always one that match personality and cute details like a cool message, bright colors or a nice print.









COATS: let’s get real, this is the accessory you think of when you talk about winter fashion. You really make an entrance if you pick the right one, just think of Meryl Streep as Miranda on The Devil wears Prada… We don’t want to be that character but the outfits are truly great.









FAUX FUR VEST: if you don’t go with the the trench coat, then get one of this fun vest and make your outfit look chic.









TURTLENECK: if it’s done the right way, you could pull a look like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. Cozy and stylish in one packet, think about it.










WIDE LEG PANTS: this one goes a long way for comfort, but if you use it make sure that is well tailored or find some heels to accomplish the right length for super long legs.









PONCHO: this piece of clothing has really evolved in the winter wardrobe, it’s easier to wear than a cape and so glamorous when your look is all neutrals. Do I need to go on? Sure, it’s not for everyday or everyone but for a real change on your style, go with the unconventional.







WIDE BRIM FEDORA: you don’t have to be a Boho chic kind of gal to rock one of this. Go ahead, face life with attitude and take one of those great pics like your favorite fashion blogger.










FAUX LEATHER GLOVES: you can always keep your hands warm and your look sharp with one of this that does not harm animals. It’s a win-win in any way you see it.









SCARVES: what’s so lovable about scarf is that with just one you can reinvent your whole outfit, so many different ways to style it! This is the basic, must-have accessory for any winter, no doubt about it. You can also have fun with one for your hair or use it as a belt.









OVER THE KNEE BOOTS: take boots to another level with knee length, be daring! It look fabulous and super cool, then you build up the confident and start your runway walk through the streets. ;)








And CRYSTAL COLLECTION: winter is a stylish season, everything should look elegant even your bag! That's why our Crystal Collection is perfect. You can choose: Roxane CrystalMail bag CrystalOblo CrystalGrace Crystal, and Layla Crystal

So, what do you think? Which was your favorite accessory? Tell us in the comments if we miss one.