My bubbly, short (and honest) letter to Santa

Dear Santa, on the very day of Christmas we all ask for peace in the world. But for this year let’s change it up and go with the dets for the very special people in my life:

For me and my girls (even whos reading):

  • I wish a magic diet that has all the goodies (like fries and chocolate)... all that we love to keep eating everyday.
  • A wardrobe as big as the one Kim Kardashian has (not the same one), but with enough clothes and accessories for every single day of the year!
  • A special guy, AKA a handsome with an awesome job, sense of humor and that’s a good listener.
  • I mean like a mix of Ryan Gosling’s characters from The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid, Love… Sounds about right.

I do wish for peace and love through the world, that’s a given. But also, let’s care more for our world with our actions. Think Green!
And well, this year I want, I need a new purse... Yes, could it be a Big Bubble Bag. That's all.




Camila di marzo