Why having a Big Bubble Bags is great!

When we decided to enter the bubble world it was because we found out there was yet another reason for believing in this new project... Here are some things you must know about us. :)

1. They are Eco Fashion: our material is the product of recycling. From the same creators of the much-loved bubble wrap or anti-stress bubbles. It bounced to existence from the need to give use to an interesting product that served no purpose in Tecnopack, an Italian company.

2. They are light: most women think a bag is a bottomless pit, stuffing into them any and every thing that will fit: makeup, wallet, beauty products, candy, clothes, work stuff, you name it! All that add pound to what you're carrying so having a bag that is naturally light as a bubble, is definitely a bonus! Plus, forget about wearing that style-less bag for the gym, we’ve got Roma to do the work for you. :)  

3. They are easy to clean: since they're plastic, you can clean them quite easily (inside and out) with a wet cloth and problem solved!

4. They're water proof: spilling any kind of liquid near our favorite bag is often considered a tragedy (because it is!), not to mention the stress of a rain! Thanks to the material of which BBB are made, that issue doesn't apply to them. Remember, they are plastic after all, so, when it comes to going to the beach, our BBB’s are there to be your bestie.

5. Colors: Even the most sober look can stand out with a fun bag to compliment it. Black’s OK and a safe choice but think how YOU will pop with colors! 

6. There’s a bag for everyone: you can choose from a wide variety of models and purposes, like an ipac or a carry on bag. This is one of BBB’s perks distributed in 3 categories and different models and sizes. You don't have to adapt to them; they adapt to you. Beautiful, right?

7. They're not exclusive but not everyone carries them! So don't worry. You won’t walk into a place and find every girl has your same bag (we hate that!). Big Bubble Bags are not a mass product that you can find at every corner store (even though we do ship anywhere in the world). Being the first in your circle to have one will definitely make you the trendsetter of the group!


Camila di marzo