The brasier that every Big Bubble girl must have!

As the great Tim Gunn says, the brasier (or bra) is the first piece of our outfit that we must choose wisely. Our body shape is defined by our curves (or lack of them!) But don’t worry about that because every body is perfect in it’s own way! You know what’s really important? Letting what you like about your body shine while you keep everything else in it’s proper place. 

Ok people, we gotta be really careful here. This could go one of two ways: a beautiful, natural look or just a hot mess that will make you feel uncomfortable. It’s not just the size that matters (we’ll get into that later) but we must have different kinds and styles of bras, appropriate for different moments, activities and tops!

T-Shirt Bra is the basic bra. It must be smooth and in solid colors (no prints on the fabric allowed here). 
Ideally, you should have it in 3 basic colors: black and white, of course, to just shine through those transparent black/white blouses that we all surely love to rock every once in awhile and another option in a color closest to your skin tone (nude). 

Plunge bra: this is perfect for dresses and tops that have a pronounced plunge on your cleavage to the point that you would think you aren’t even wearing bra! Since not every lady can go bra-less, be sure to have one of this in your own personal stock of bras! It’s a bubbly woman’s best kept secret. Just make sure people look you in the eye while you speak. 

Multi-way Bra the biggest and best brands along with the fashion industry  have helped make our lives much more simple and easy with every new creation. The multi-way bra is such a creation because it can be worn any which way. Got a racer-back top? Use a multi-way bra. It totally adapts to your needs of the day and what your outfit demands, which, let's face it, changes with every mood.


Sport bra: a bubbly woman that takes care of the environment also takes care of herself, right? So when it comes time to sweat a little and do some cardio or hiking, certain parts of our anatomy (wink, wink) need to be secured in place and not be bouncing around. . . especially if you've been blessed with a an abundant chest.


Soft-cup bra sometimes the only thing we want in the word is to go sans bra even though this privilege may be denied to us.  For such an occasion, keep a soft-cup bra handy! It's made of soft, comfy fabrics and if you get it in the right size for you, then believe me,  you’ll be so comfortable it’ll hurt everybody present in the room.


Balconette bra: this is the must-have bra to let loose your inner sexy that all women have! Knowing you look amazing (even if nobody's watching) is a non-negotiable rule of every modern gal! Besides, there are some shirts and blouses that demand to have beneath this type of bra made of elusive fabrics that somehow manage to get the job done!


We agree that every woman can use a good bra and (it’s time to get real here) we need them! But we need to choose them according to our body. So get to know it, discover what works best for you and stick with it! Now you know what types of bras there are so search until you find the one that makes you feel the bubbliest! And when you find it, get it in every color of the rainbow!

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