Items you should have in your Big Bubble Bag if you go out with anyone under 10

Becoming a mother or an older sister causes some shifts in our lives that we must adapt to. It's a completely new lifestyle because now, we gotta keep up with somebody else's style and we've got to make them look good, right? We are here for you, little ones:

If you've got a child (son or brother) or you’re the babysitter of a toddler under-10, you really need to carry in your bag the following items (you can thank me later!):  

1- An extra shirt or t-shirt: you can't control their every move. I mean, some freedom must be allowed in at those moments, they tend to get dirty. Keep an extra t-shirt in your bag and let them run and play free like the little ones they aaaaare! (because childhood happens once in a lifetime, let's just not ruin it for them)

2- Antibacterial Gel: kids are just naturally curious and they want to get their little hands on everything (grass, food, others kids faces, animals, floors. I could go on for years in this one)! Have some antibacterial gel on hand and you'll be good!

3- Water: they jump from one place to the other to the point of exhaustion. Avoid giving them soft drinks or store bought juices (that are basically sugar and water) and get a cooler instead. Keep filled with water or homemade fruit juices and you both can hydrate whenever you need to. 

4- An easy-to-carry toy: there are many opinions about video games and the like but they really are the bringers of peace when you've got an under-10 child to take care of. A little tip: never forget the charger! 

Remember to carry all this stuff in an adequate sized bag that's comfortable to carry and allows easy access to it's interior, much like the “Patty” o the “Kent” which in this case will be your perfect allies, you will have everything you need and will look stylish to the bone. ;)

Camila di marzo