Exaggerated reactions all women have on Black Friday! (Let’s face it)

  • Shouting so loud when we meet our friends to go to the shops very early
  • Feeling that we’re the luckiest with every purchase
  • We make up any excuse to explain that shopping is good for us
  • I mean, some of the reason are really a bit of a stretch
  • Walk with determination to not let anyone take that discount piece on your size!
  • Celebrate when we find out Big Bubble Bags we’ll give a special promo code for all our subscribers!
  • Invite all our BFFs to shop, the more, the better and easier to get all the great items
  • Keep giving reasons that made no sense
  • Lying to all the other girls so they let you get the clothes you want
  • Say that you exercise while shopping
  • Fight with anyone that will dare to take the clothes you already got (even though you haven’t paid them yet)
  • Act like you could really hurt someone to get those boots you love so much and could only afford on sale
  • Getting on discount those shoes you always wanted: the best day of the year! (Even if you accomplished pretty amazing things this year)
  • Get home and feel like doing a victory dance with all your new clothes