Big Bubble Bags, eat, sleep, jean and repeat


Give a girl the right pair of jeans and she will conquer the world. Made out of cotton, jean is one of the most versatile fabrics ever. Giorgio Armani once said jeans represent democracy in fashion because EVERYBODY have at least one pair in their closets.

Whether it is sunny or cold, whether you are a jeans & tees kind of girl or not, they would never, never let you down! Plus, nothing beats the smell of a new pair of dry jeans.

Now, let us tell you something, this little piece of awesomeness created by men can go with EVERYTHING. Keep reading to learn how to style jeans for almost any occasion.

-Skinny Jeans: The fitting of these type of jeans makes the body slimmer and elegant, maybe it is for this reason that are pretty famous, and they refuse to give up their throne. From punk stars to politicians, they have loved them for decades. To style them just pair them with some statement boots or high heel stilettos, a knitted sweater and you will look as chic as ever, no effort.

-Mom jeans: They are perfect for any activity and super comfy. Their pockets cover all so you get storage on your way. You can match them with any pair of shoes, heels, sandals, sneakers, even slippers if you love them so much that you wear them at home.

-Flare jeans: You can have the 70’s vibe without looking like a piece of antique. In fact it doesn’t matter if you’re all petite, it will look perfect on you, just keep in mind these tips: The hem has to be the right length, even if you send it to the tailor. If your pair is high waisted don't search for more. Choose them closely fitted to your body instead of baggy.

-Baggy boyfriend jeans: They’re so trusty we could never ever get rid of them. They can compete with your favorite pijama bottoms, but they look nicer, you can mix them with a lot more kinds of tops, shoes and the most important, they make possible your public appearances. So, roll up those hems, put on some delicate accessories and that’s it, you can go now and explore the world in style and comfort, nothing can beat that!

Surely the biggest advantage of wearing any type of jeans it’s that they match so well with any Big Bubble Bags and, we just can’t help feel in love.

Jeans are like smiles, put one of these on and you’ll get anything you want in life. Let’s hit the road!