5 New Videos for your playlist

Nothing beats a great song!  Those lyrics that you can relate to, the rhythm that make you wanna dance or those powerful vocals that you lip-sync every single time. So here are 5 videos that are going to stay your head (We warn you!):

  • Meghan Trainor - Better when I’m dancing. 

This song it’s part of the soundtrack for the Peanuts movie. What more can we add? Just go ahead and dance!

  • Gwen Stefani - Used to love you  

She may be just a girl, but Gwen sure knows how to express all her feelings in one song and this close-up video sure shows it. It’s amazing!

  • Demi Lovato - Confident 

What’s wrong with being confident?! Nothing, Demi. And we love this powerful song and all the sassiness of this video.

  • Bomba Estéreo & Will Smith - Fiesta (Remix) 

Turn up the volume and watch the comeback of Will Smith in this hot mix with colombian band Bomba Estéreo. Let’s start this Fiesta!

  • Justin Bieber - What do you mean?  

The smoothness of this songs just stays in your head, so enjoy it!

Bonus track: The Weeknd - The Hills
Hit after hit, it’s the year of this artist and this song it’s still going strong on every chart.

Edited to add: Adele - Hello

After 4 years, Adele returns with a new single for her album "25". And brings her powerful voice to say "Hello". Plus: a beautiful video.

Do you like any of this songs? Tell us your favorite on the comments.