My Bag, My Bubbly Personality

Any and every woman knows how essential a handbag is for everyday life not to mention special occasions, trips and the like. So it really is quite necessary to pick the bag the best fits you and your needs. This means that choosing the absolutely best bag for you isn´t (or shouldn´t) be a quick action but rather a well thought out process of elimination.

Romantic or casual? Define your style
What’s your overall style? Casual? Romantic? Tomboy-ish? This is the first thing you must define. 
•    If you tend to wear flirty, flowy dresses with sandals, perhaps a structured bag is not your best choice. 
•    Try to do some research browsing through fashion magazines for models with a similar style to yours, noting the bags they carry and whether you would like it in a different color or material, if it were slightly bigger or just a tad smaller. 
•    Focus mainly on the style of the bag, i.e. if it is a tote, a clutch, or a slouch shoulder bag and if it fits your personality.
•    There´s no way you’re going to buy something you don’t like, so rest assured there will always be a bit of ‘you’ in the handbag, no matter what particular style you choose.
•    What is your Bubbly Personality? Colorful collection, Crystal collection, Translucent collection?