Big Bubble Bags is Eco Fashion

If it were up to us, we would own all the bags in the world and we would change them every hour even though we know, deep down, it would be madness.

Bags and purses define us as women, they render style and we could even say we communicate through them.

When a gal chooses one bag from amongst all the rest, she's choosing a message and our message is to look good while being good to the planet. You must an abundance of personality to assume, and prove, that both can actually go together.

That's what we are, Sustainable Fashion. We bring you Big Bubble Bags straight from Italy to prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, how much fun it is to be bubbly and colorful and not be afraid to show who we truly are.

Have a quick look at this video and enjoy some of the magic from our very first photo shoot.