Big bubble bags




Big Bubble Bags, “the female sparkling eco-style of the Italian glamour”.

Our collections give voice to female desires. Exploiting the transparency, reflections and new colors of the Laplam material, they give concrete form to what every woman would like to have. BBB are defined eco-friendly bags because they are whole made by recycled plastic. 

Create from a material invented in Tecnopack, Italy. 

The intuition of the Big Bubble Bags factory was to use internal industrial material to create fashion items. The simply and revolutionary idea of the Bubble Bags took shape in the Tecnopack lab almost for fun. Tecnopack is a leader company in the production of packing material and it is also a very experienced company for plastic working in Italy. It has everything necessary to make the plan concrete and feasible.

Made and finished in Italy by experienced hands.

Our bags are real “Made in Italy” quality bags. Finished by the hands of experienced designers and cared in every detail, they are testimonials of the famous Italian lifestyle that is an original mark for our products all around the world. Our bags represent an evolved standard of Made in Italy quality typified by innovation, creativity, elegance and originality. 

Recycled plastic. Our style is attentive to the environment. 

Our style is attentive to the environment. All the bags are made of recycled plastic coming out from the internal process material of the factory. 

A success at the trade fairs all over the world. 

The fashionable and unique style of our bags have made them successful since their beginning. 3B bags found their proper place in many important trade fairs such as Tokyo International Trade Fair, MilanoVendeModa, Monaco Fashion Planet, Pret a Porter fair in Paris etc. Our unstoppable phenomenon has reached the shores of the USA at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City as well as Tokyo and Seoul.


Big Bubble Bags